The Artist

"And the Eternal God made the human kind, clay of the earth, then he breathed a soul of life in his nostrils, and the human kind was born."

When i use clay to work, I believe that I am...

I take the clay, I push it, I stroke it, I lift it, I smooth it to give it life. I stop after a while, when I can't go any further. I can see that the real life doesn't appear. But there is a life track, a track of a life emotion.

What a was bore, can't be named, but it's a shape, a shaped emotion.

But I am still sad that he life, itself is not here. Perhaps it's for that reason, that one sculpture pushes me to an other.

To finally create the miracle f the life.

What's left, is what I give you to see, it's the track of the path which goes through undefined emotion, a shape to make an emotion visible, track of life.

This path it's yours, it's your eye sights which recreates it through the curves of the sculpture, you give it life with your eyes presence, and your hands stroking it.